I didn't attend University, which seems a fairly shocking statement these days, but at the time I'd very much had my fill of formal education and wanted to get out and work! Instead of writing essays and dissertations I worked writing customer service emails or social media posts to help me get as much practical experience as possible. 

Since starting Cunning Copy I've taken on a whole range of different projects, from working through close to 5,000 product descriptions for Just Kampers, where I still have a really good working relationship, through to writing complete magazine articles for leading international magazines like

I also write creatively in my spare time. 
As well as shorts bits and pieces that pop into my head, which fill dozens of scattered notebooks, I'm working on a full length novel and a series of short stories which will be published in 
To follow my updates on my fiction writing, you can check out my 
Iron Ghosts online. 

There really isn't a job I won't take on, so if you've got anything you'd like written - from a website to a Birthday card - just get in touch! 

Hi there, I'm Josh Reynolds!

I set up Cunning Copy in early 2016, after deciding to strike out on my own as a freelance writer.

Before then I'd spent years working in marketing for Just Kampers and RenewableUK, but wanted to take on a more diverse range of topics and have the freedom to work a bit more flexibly.

I've always specialised in crafting fresh, effective copy for any marketing projects that were being worked on, and wanted to continue to challenge myself and improve my writing even further. ‚Äč